A.I.M.S. Mountain Monsters – Fake or Fact?

I have watched many of these episodes before my satellite provider moved the Destination America channel to a higher pay tier. Needless to say, I was disappointed with this decision. I am a skeptic at heart and never fully believed the success rate these guys presumably had. I mean every episode within 2-3 nights they found their beast, but never captured it.

The most compelling episodes, for me, were the hunt for Bigfoot. The nests they found and the structures discovered were interesting, but easily faked. There were broken branches, the tee pee style branches and lets not forget a graveyard.

If all of this is so easy to find, why have not more people discovered the same thing or captured something? I have to believe these hillbilly hunters are all fake and the only fact is MAYBE the stories that they go after. Here is a peek at what they do. What do you think?


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