Bigfoot in Fouke, Arkansa

Bigfoot image

This was image was caught on FOX 16 news and has many Bigfoot believers seeing the elusive creature standing in a clump of trees. I guess it got so much attention that the news channel actually wrote a store about it.

The story actually takes place in November of 2014 when a reported was covering a story about a woman that killed a doe with antlers. Not sure the relevance or importance of the original story, maybe slow news in Fouke. However, while filming the news story many people saw an image in the woods which looks like a Bigfoot standing there watching the happenings.

The written story was published the following February of 2015 and has gotten a lot of attention within the Bigfoot community. I don’t know what to make of it, but it does look like something standing there. Most notably, is that a news outlet actually wrote a story about it. Maybe Bigfoot will come out of the shadows and replace the myth with reality.

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