Bigfoot in Thailand and South East Asia

Bigfoot stories in Asia go back many years with one report from Southern Thailand depicting soldiers leading handcuffed ape like beings away from a small village in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. This story was of most interest because I have a house in Nakhon Si Thammarat and it would be interesting to see a Bigfoot strolling about.

The story of the handcuffed Bigfoot like creatures is a little strange and the story goes on to tell of them being dressed in blue jeans and long sleeve shirts and sipping tea with a spoon. Not sure it was a Bigfoot sighting, but maybe jungle people. Who knows.

As Thailand is a developing country there are many isolated places all throughout the country. One has to only travel a short distance to find emptiness. Away from the tourist areas is where you will see vast areas of jungle, forests and rubber trees. It is easy to why something could be hiding and the villagers that do see something may never say anything outside of the village.

The above video was posted on Youtube showing what appears to be an Ape like creature darting over the side of a hill in Taipei. The title says Taipei and Thailand, but Taipei is in Taiwan. I don’t know.

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