Ohio Grassman – Bigfoot relative?

The Grassman has been well known in Ohio for a long time and many reports have been documented about sightings of this elusive creature. It was also featured on Destination America as part of their Hillbilly series. One account of a sighting of this thing has it about 7 feet tall with Neanderthal like features but covered with hair.

While there are similarities between this thing and Bigfoot there are also differences. Bigfoot is described as an ape like creature where the Grassman is described as more Neanderthal like. What does this mean? If the Grassman is more Neanderthal than the facial features would resemble more human than ape. Is there a possibility of two separate species of Bigfoot?

Here is a video from Youtube of a purported Grassman.

They state that you can see feet and something sitting there. I am not convinced.

If you research this creature there are conflicting stories about what it looks like and this makes me believe that there is some form of fabrication and being in the woods can make you see things that are not there. I am still skeptical about the Neanderthal thing and would tend to believe that the Ohio Grassman is just a Bigfoot. If that makes rational sense.

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