Police Dash cam of Bigfoot

This video is on Youtube and has been viewed nearly 2 million times. So it is nothing new to most Bigfoot enthusiasts. What is interesting is the conversation between the two people in the car.

There is normal conversation while they are driving along a very dark and deserted back-road. After they spot something moving off to the left of their car. The conversation shifts to a more what was that attitude. There was a comment about it being a bear and also a comment about it walking on two feet.

If you look closely at the point of the sighting there is a guard rail and the sighting is moving along that until it disappears in the night. There are also some skid marks on the road, so perhaps this is a normal crossing point for this thing. Perhaps, the skid marks were from another sighting and near miss (only speculation).

When you search for the Latitude and Longitude displayed on the dash-cam it comes back as this:

2001-2105 Town Creek Church Rd, Dahlonega, GA 30533, USA
Latitude: 34.584167 | Longitude: -83.885833

A quick look and you can see the Chattahoochee National Forest is very near to this area. Driving to the edge is about 12 minutes and 5-6 miles. Cutting through the forests it may be shorter. Again, this is pure speculation about something coming in and out of the National Forest. It is just interesting the close proximity to the sighting and the forest.

Here is the video that displays the original and enhancements made (not by me).

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