Bigfoot Got Me! Lost the game of Exists

I just stumbled on an interactive game from the movie Exists on Tumblr. It is suppose to be an immersion/interactive experience based on the movie Exists. You can try your luck here:

Exists is based off of the Blair Witch concept of lost footage of Bigfoot. It has a group of friends heading out to a remote cabin in the woods to spend a weekend. Where they supposedly film the elusive Bigfoot, but this time he is after them.

The game is suppose to be based on the movie and lets you control what happens and where you go. I played it twice and died the first time and the second time I was sent home and survived.

The whole premise seemed interesting, but I found it extremely boring and not really interactive as I would have liked. it reminded me an early role play game when game consoles started becoming main stream. Anyway, try it if you want and here is the trailer for the Bigfoot movie Exists.

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