Lost Bigfoot footage

I am a big fan of the found footage genre, sometimes, it has a place in cinema and has become all to familiar. Often times, when something takes off and becomes popular others will follow and perhaps create until people are sick of it.

The reason I am talking about this is because located on YouTube is lost footage of a Bigfoot type scenario. The location is in the Ukraine, so no English. It could also be faked, which is a possibility.

There are actually four videos on there, but the first one is the one I am referring to. It was not that scary, except maybe the music that was playing in the car, but got me thinking about lost footage. If you saw a real Bigfoot, would you film and run or drop your camera and run?

I know it is probably just fake stuff and really not that interesting. Just something to ponder and yes, the film is not clear. So that fits in with the Bigfoot sightings.

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