Rachel H. Glen and the Bigfoot story

I recently viewed the Lost Tapes of a Park Ranger named Rachel Glen. Glen was stationed in Washington and investigating the killing of bears by poachers. She had set up many trail cams and was documenting each days activities.

The story is told from her perspective. She begins to hear strange sounds that she is unable to identify and sees strange animals that she is uncertain of what they are. She is also being hunted by the poachers.

The story begins as one would expect. She is placing cameras, destroying traps and documenting everything. Something, I would think, a Park Ranger would do. Things start to take a turn for the worse when the strange noises and sightings are starting to appear.

The word Bigfoot never enters her vocabulary, but discovered hair samples taken from a tree are reported back as Primate. She gets a glimpse of this thing on one camera and chases it to a cave where she finds her lost camera where the hair sample came from.

I do not believe the story to be true in any sense. A quick search of fallen or missing Rangers turns up no mention of this Rachel Glen. If anyone has other information I would like to see it. Anyway, you can watch the episode here.

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