Destination Truth and Asian Bigfoot

I am not a big fan of reality TV, but this show I really liked and was sad to see it end. There trips to far off places to investigate strange things made for something a bit different. Perhaps, people just did not care what was happening in Malaysia and Vietnam where Bigfoot sightings were happening. Bigfoot should be an American thing. Right?

What made these shows compelling was the places they went and the jungles they would risk lives to explore these sightings. Why risk a life to explore something that may not even exist? If you have never been in a jungle it is not something to take for granted and I would not want to be going through any jungle at night to search for Bigfoot.

There two quests for Bigfoot near where I live was of interest as I have been to Malaysia and Vietnam and know how isolated some places here can be. The snakes and spiders alone can be a challenge, but not being able to see anything ten feet in front of you makes it a 100 times more challenging.

Again, I was sad to see the show end, but you can watch one episode here from Dailymotion

. Enjoy!


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