What makes a legitimate Bigfoot sighting?

Skeptics and believers alike have long known that Bigfoot evidence can be easily made and there has not been any real scientific evidence. So how can you really believe any Bigfoot sightings?

It has been proven that the footprints can be manufactured and done by human intervention. As can the photos that have been taken. If you got the money to spend you can have a Bigfoot costume made.

Why an I talking about this and who cares? I was recently reading reported sightings that did not offer any proof except the tellers own accounts of what happened.

I and anyone else can do the same. I saw something and it was big and hairy. Even the hair samples have been discovered to be of other animals. Can people continue to believe in Bigfoot forever?

I am not criticizing anyone, but just want to know how long can people believe with zero evidence?

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