Mountain Monsters season 4 episode 1 – Stonish Giant Bigfoot

I am back on my Mountain Monsters kick and have just watched the first episode of the show where they are hunting after the Bigfoot that they call Stonish Giant.

They claim this thing is 8-9 feet tall and weighs over a thousand pounds. The Indians that lived in the area years ago claimed their arrows would not penetrate this Bigfoot’s fur.

They headed to Ohio where this thing lives and talked to some witnesses about their encounter. One encounter was of a hunter that claimed he heard gun shots and found himself feeling the breath of this Bigfoot on his neck.

The Bigfoot had been shot and was loosing blood which they discovered in the woods and followed Bigfoot to a spot where they heard two more gunshots.

They follow the gunshots and see 4 men pulling some tarp onto a trailer and then they take off. They claim they had shot the Bigfoot and put it in the trailer and removed it from the area.

Watch the video and see at the end where these 4 guys are seen pulling this supposedly 1000 pound Bigfoot easily onto the trailer. Not sure that is possible. Maybe, collect some blood samples?

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