Russian Bigfoot – Dyatlov Pass Incident

Hikers tent
Hikers tent

In 1959, nine hikers went missing in a remote area of Russia. The mangled and mutilated bodies were later discovered and no one knows what happened or how they actually died.

The bodies suffered internal damage and one woman had her tongue ripped out. The autopsy found damaged hands, like the hikers were fighting with someone or something. The frozen bodies took days to thaw and the images are disturbing.

This incident has never been solved. There are rumors that the Russian Army was there before the search party arrived. One picture that was discovered shows something standing in the woods watching the hikers. There tent had cuts in it which were made from the inside so they could see out.

The bodies were found 1 mile away from the tent. What scared them and made then flee? It is an interesting story and maybe it is the one time a Bigfoot could have done the damage.

There is a great documentary about this and it is worth a watch.


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