Russian Bigfoot – Dyatlov Pass Incident

Hikers tent
Hikers tent

In 1959, nine hikers went missing in a remote area of Russia. The mangled and mutilated bodies were later discovered and no one knows what happened or how they actually died.

The bodies suffered internal damage and one woman had her tongue ripped out. The autopsy found damaged hands, like the hikers were fighting with someone or something. The frozen bodies took days to thaw and the images are disturbing.

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Mountain Monsters season 4 episode 1 – Stonish Giant Bigfoot

I am back on my Mountain Monsters kick and have just watched the first episode of the show where they are hunting after the Bigfoot that they call Stonish Giant.

They claim this thing is 8-9 feet tall and weighs over a thousand pounds. The Indians that lived in the area years ago claimed their arrows would not penetrate this Bigfoot’s fur.

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Bigfoot Attack?

This video was posted on YouTube in 2013 and has had more than 700,000 views. The person claims the video is real and was filmed by a hunter. Here is the video description:

Hunter Frank Wildchild survives attack by large creature in the Canadian wilderness while filming hunting video near Nordegg Alberta, warning shots fired from rifle failed to scare it off, Frank was beaten on the head by this creature and dragged off to a remote shelter high on a ridge, he managed to survive and escaped into the night after creature left him for dead.

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What makes a legitimate Bigfoot sighting?

Skeptics and believers alike have long known that Bigfoot evidence can be easily made and there has not been any real scientific evidence. So how can you really believe any Bigfoot sightings?

It has been proven that the footprints can be manufactured and done by human intervention. As can the photos that have been taken. If you got the money to spend you can have a Bigfoot costume made.

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Destination Truth and Asian Bigfoot

I am not a big fan of reality TV, but this show I really liked and was sad to see it end. There trips to far off places to investigate strange things made for something a bit different. Perhaps, people just did not care what was happening in Malaysia and Vietnam where Bigfoot sightings were happening. Bigfoot should be an American thing. Right?

What made these shows compelling was the places they went and the jungles they would risk lives to explore these sightings. Why risk a life to explore something that may not even exist? If you have never been in a jungle it is not something to take for granted and I would not want to be going through any jungle at night to search for Bigfoot.

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Captured Bigfoot on History Channel

This video aired on the History Channel and was uploaded last year on Youtube. It shows a very large creature in a steel cage somewhere in a wooded area. The video depicts something hairy, large and walking upright.

The creature can be seen squatting in the cage than stands up and walks towards the cameraman. It than rattles the cage and tries to break free. There are many of the videos on Youtube of this Bigfoot.

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Payson Canyon, Utah Bigfoot sighting

This video was put on Youtube recently and it has someone with a camera filming the small stream. Why? Don’t know.

Anyway, the camera person pans up the side of the hill and was filming something walking through the trees. If you watch the video you can see the figure walking and it clearly shows a dark furry thing.

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Rachel H. Glen and the Bigfoot story

I recently viewed the Lost Tapes of a Park Ranger named Rachel Glen. Glen was stationed in Washington and investigating the killing of bears by poachers. She had set up many trail cams and was documenting each days activities.

The story is told from her perspective. She begins to hear strange sounds that she is unable to identify and sees strange animals that she is uncertain of what they are. She is also being hunted by the poachers.

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Lost Bigfoot footage

I am a big fan of the found footage genre, sometimes, it has a place in cinema and has become all to familiar. Often times, when something takes off and becomes popular others will follow and perhaps create until people are sick of it.

The reason I am talking about this is because located on YouTube is lost footage of a Bigfoot type scenario. The location is in the Ukraine, so no English. It could also be faked, which is a possibility.

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Bigfoot Got Me! Lost the game of Exists

I just stumbled on an interactive game from the movie Exists on Tumblr. It is suppose to be an immersion/interactive experience based on the movie Exists. You can try your luck here:

Exists is based off of the Blair Witch concept of lost footage of Bigfoot. It has a group of friends heading out to a remote cabin in the woods to spend a weekend. Where they supposedly film the elusive Bigfoot, but this time he is after them.

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