3313 reported Bigfoot sightings since 1921

I recently discovered this amazing Bigfoot sightings map from another website. It has documented all the Bigfoot sightings found on the BFRO website and conveniently placed them in a nice and very readable map. The website is from Joshua Stevens – http://www.joshuastevens.net/visualization/squatch-watch-92-years-of-bigfoot-sightings-in-us-and-canada/

Joshua is a PhD candidate at Penn State and you may have guessed his specialty is mapping and visualization. Anyway, all credit goes to him and I am just sharing the information. The map also displays a graph that shows the number of reported sightings each year.

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Police Dash cam of Bigfoot

This video is on Youtube and has been viewed nearly 2 million times. So it is nothing new to most Bigfoot enthusiasts. What is interesting is the conversation between the two people in the car.

There is normal conversation while they are driving along a very dark and deserted back-road. After they spot something moving off to the left of their car. The conversation shifts to a more what was that attitude. There was a comment about it being a bear and also a comment about it walking on two feet.

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Canada Bigfoot

If you are a Bigfoot follower than surely Canada would represent a prime area for sightings. I have never been, but I can imagine vast areas of desolate forests teaming with fish and other wild life. What a place to be if you are Bigfoot.

I recently came across an article that was published about a year ago by the Alberta Conservation Association. It stated that two conservation Biologists were out checking trail cameras that are used to track wild life in the area. The two Biologists came across strange prints that they could not identify. Keep in mind that the area is free roaming and anyone has access to it without any restrictions.

The article published the pictures and some strange footage from the trail cam. It is interesting that a Conservation office would take this so seriously as to publish the findings. Here is the photo:

Canada Bigfoot
Canada Bigfoot

The entire published article is below as well as the trail camera footage. Listen to the footage and see if you can hear a grunt.

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Correlation of Bigfoot and UFO sightings

Is there really a correlation between UFO sightings and Bigfoot?  I was curious about the phenomena of people seeing lights and an increase in Bigfoot sightings. The information is easy to find and show a strong correlation to Bigfoot and UFO’s.

I got these maps from a website that had all of this information and more. I encourage a read thru as it is interesting.


The two maps that I have are from reported Bigfoot sightings and reported UFO sightings. As you will see the majority are centered near water and not much happening in the plains. Anyway, I thought it was interesting and wanted to share it with you.

UFO sightings map
UFO sightings map


Bigfoot sightings map
Bigfoot sightings map

Ohio Grassman – Bigfoot relative?

The Grassman has been well known in Ohio for a long time and many reports have been documented about sightings of this elusive creature. It was also featured on Destination America as part of their Hillbilly series. One account of a sighting of this thing has it about 7 feet tall with Neanderthal like features but covered with hair.

While there are similarities between this thing and Bigfoot there are also differences. Bigfoot is described as an ape like creature where the Grassman is described as more Neanderthal like. What does this mean? If the Grassman is more Neanderthal than the facial features would resemble more human than ape. Is there a possibility of two separate species of Bigfoot?

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Survivorman – Bigfoot

Les Stroud of the Survivorman series is one of my favorite Bigfoot search series. I have watched nearly all the episodes and they are perhaps his most popular shows. What I like most is that they appear to be real and what I would expect if I was the one out there.

His survival techniques are suited for the places he goes and most times he is alone. What a better way to hopefully capture some Bigfoot evidence that cannot be disputed. Anyway, if you have not seen them yet here is one from Youtube. Enjoy!

Signs of a Bigfoot presence

How do know if you are in Bigfoot country? According to Bigfoot researchers there are signs that you can see. Some of these signs are subtle and others are more in your face. Lets take a look at those signs.

Tree breaks – One of the most common are seeing branches broken and leaning in a particular direction. The direction of the break is supposed to be a boundary marker. Or so it is assumed. Some of these breaks are small while others are large branches or trees. The height can vary, but most seem to be low level.

Bigfoot tree break
Bigfoot tree break

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Alien Bigfoot connection

Many Bigfoot enthusiasts believe that the creature has a connection with aliens. Some believe the Bigfoot seen actually are dropped from alien ships. Hence, the relationship between lights being seen and Bigfoot sightings. Others, believe that Bigfoot uses some sort of inter-dimensional doorway and has the ability to come and go at will. Many claim that this is the reason none have been captured or remains found. I will look at each of these theories and see if there is any truth or rational behind them.

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Ute Indians and Bigfoot. Did the Ute believe in Bigfoot?

Most Bigfoot enthusiasts have seen the video of a cave drawing of what appears to be a humanoid type figure with very large feet. Not sure it is a Bigfoot drawing or just a painting of a tribal person. Here is that video:

I was curious if I could find any evidence that the Ute tribe actually believed in Bigfoot. While many Native American tribes have various myths and legends surrounding animals and people, the Ute seem to be settled on only a few (that I have been able to locate).\

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Bigfoot in Thailand and South East Asia

Bigfoot stories in Asia go back many years with one report from Southern Thailand depicting soldiers leading handcuffed ape like beings away from a small village in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. This story was of most interest because I have a house in Nakhon Si Thammarat and it would be interesting to see a Bigfoot strolling about.

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